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cardiff solicitors - Do you require legal support or advice? Here are 10 situations you might find yourself in, where hiring a solicitor may be of huge benefit.

1. Individuals running companies should have a solicitor they can turn to in the event of all legal issues they may encounter or simply to get informed advice.

2. Failing that, there are a number of situations an employer may find themselves in that would warrant calling in a solicitor. One being if they are planning a major restructure to the business or need to make redundancies.

3. There are of course a number of legal issues that employees of companies may find themselves embroiled in. For example, where they feel harshly treated by their employers, legal advice may be sought out.

4. For couples who wish to get a divorce, a specialist solicitor will help them to start proceedings in the right way.

5. For break-ups that are less amicable, solicitors may be brought in to sort out disputes over possessions or property.

6. Parents involved in break-ups could also require legal support if they feel their rights regarding being able to see their children are not being upheld.

7. People involved in accidents at work may wish to speak to a personal injury specialist about making a claim against their employer.

8. People who are suffering from occupational diseases such as mesothelioma or industrial deafness could also benefit from speaking to a solicitor.

9. In the event of a death in the family, an inheritance solicitor may be required to preside over the will.

10. When moving house or buying new commercial property, a conveyancing specialist may be required.

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cardiff solicitors


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